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I've been using AmericanCGR for years- they've handled my fireplace, roofing and gutter needs, and I wouldn't work with anyone else. They're professional, skilled and they do the job on time and on budget! - Gary in Cartersville, GA

On time, great price and very professional. They fixed my roof, and I haven't had any problems since! - Melanie in Dallas, GA

My wife was home with the kids and I was pleased to learn how safe they felt with the team that came to do the repairs. They were courteous, and professional. Would hire them again.- James in Dallas, GA

Here are some things you should know about hail

  • Hail damage is usually not visible from the ground.
  • Even from the rooftop, hail damage is not always obvious or visible to the untrained eye. 
  • Hail damage voids the warranty on most every brand of composite shingle. 
  • The most significant damage caused by hail takes place months or years after the damage actually occurred (when it may be too late to file a claim) due to progressive deterioration. 
  • Hailstones knock off shingle granules more than any other type of damage. The granules are designed to protect the asphalt shingle from the sun as well as retard fire and shed water, thus seriously compromising your roof. 
  • Indentions from hailstones will collect water and over time and freezing temperatures will grow larger until they eventually begin to leak. 
  • Hail damage not only causes leaks, but wood rot, mold, and rusted pipes can also result if the damage is allowed to progress. 
  • A hail-compromised roof will lower the value of your home and may need to be replaced at your expense before you are able to sell the home.

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Coming soon.

Sweeping Success

By Stephanie Siegel This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cool nights bring out firelight, especially in the Bartow County foothills.

But before lighting an indoor fire, it’s best to call in the chimney sweep for a yearly inspection. “The chimney tends to be one of the most neglected parts of your house,” said David Barnhill of Old Hat Chimney Service in Acworth. “There can be damage from water intrusion, animals, house settling, previous chimney fires. Often we find cracks inside the chimney.”

If flaky, black creosote has stuck to the inside chimney walls, that needs to be cleaned out before it catches fire, said Barnhill, who started his company this summer after “sweeping” chimneys 10 years for someone else. Sweeps clean the traditional masonry fireplace, which has a terra cotta flue lining, as well as the more popular prefabricated fireplace with a metal fire box and metal chimney.

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