chimney repair

Chimney Repair

As your "full-service expert above the roofline, whatever you need, we are capable of handling it all. 

We offer a wide variety of repairs that spans the safety and structure of your fireplace.

These repair needs are identified during your 14 point visual safety inspection and are reflected in your written condition report.

This is your written copy to keep to understand the status of your chimney and which repairs identified that you would like to have our service team complete.

Common Repairs

Prefabricated Chimneys


  • Patching or Replacing Firebox Backwall
  • Rustproofing or Replacing Custom Pan
  • Replacing Partial or Complete Siding
  • Resealing Flashing


  • Seal Gaps in Firebox/Smoke chamber
  • Relay Loose Firebox Bricks
  • Reseal Flashing
  • Replace Chipped Bricks and Morter
  • New Cement Crowns & Chimney Caps

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